Summer Science + Literacy - Icy Fizzing Letters

Summer Sensory Science and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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How fun does this look?! Whether you're in the classroom this summer, planning a preschool science camp, or simply looking for educational and fun activities to tackle at home, this activity from Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day - mixing science, literacy, and much more! - is a must-add to the summer to-do list!

What we love...

  • The frozen letters and sweet smelling Jello-O packets add fun sensory elements to the mix. These characteristics, mixed with the fizzing (of course!), make this activity a treat for the hands, nose, eyes, and ears!
  • Your preschoolers get an up close and personal view of the reaction between baking soda and vinegar. Science at their fingertips!
  • You can play all sorts of literacy games - i.e. 1) find and 'melt' the letter A, 2) spell, read, and 'melt' various sight words, etc.

Mary Catherine even shared how her kiddos enjoyed playing with the leftover 'slime' - using the goo, along with scoops and toys, to create a fun pretend play experience!

To see how Mary Catherine set up this awesome activity, be sure to visit Fun-A-Day. We know your preschoolers will have a blast with the project!

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