Summer Olympics - LEGO Ring Sorting

Summer Olympics Color Sorting Preschool Lesson Plan
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Here's another great Olympics-inspired activity from Toddler Approved! {We've recently rediscovered Kristina and E.J.'s site and have been having a blast checking out all the new activities and resources! We highly suggest you head over there and explore!} Invite your kiddos to test their sorting and color recognition skills with this fun homemade LEGO activity...

Create a sorting mat using a piece of white poster board and construction paper, tracing and cutting Olympic rings from the colored paper and pasting them onto the poster board. Set the mat out with a basket of colored LEGO blocks and invite your preschoolers to sort the pieces into the appropriate ring based on color. You don't have to limit yourself to LEGOs though. You might also consider inviting your kiddos to scavenge around the room, collecting items to sort!

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