Summer Olympics - Designing Medals & Mascots

Summer Olympics Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We were super excited to stumble upon Instant Display this morning - they have tons of cool Olympic themed teaching resources, learning activities, and printables! We especially love their mascot and medal design printables...

2012 Olympic Games Mascot

Offering a short history on the use of mascots in the Olympic games, students are invited to pretend they've been chosen to design a new mascot for the 2012 games. While there are black and white images of previous mascots at the bottom of the printable, be sure to pull up color images of previous designs to provide your students with inspiration. On the back, invite your kinders to write what they based their mascot on and why.

2012 Olympic Medals

Providing a brief history of medal design, students are once again invited to pretend they've been asked to design new medals for the games. This activity offers a great opportunity to talk about the origin of the Olympic games, the cultures of both Ancient Greece and Great Britain, as well as what the traditions and symbols of the Olympics. With this information, and photos of previous medals, students can set about creating their own medal designs!

For these awesome printables - and lots of other great resources for learning about the Olympic games - be sure to visit Instant Display!