Summer Olympics - Colors, Fine Motor Skills, & Olympic Rings!

Summer Olympics Color and Fine Motor Skills Preschool Lesson Plan
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Invite your kiddos to brush up on their colors, learning a little about the history of the Olympic games and discovering the importance/symbolism of the Olympic rings, with this fun exercise from E.J. over at Toddler Approved. Great for use with lots of different manipulatives, this low-key activity is a great way to get your kiddos excited about the upcoming Olympic games!

A few suggestions...

  • Provide your kiddos with colored glass gems purchased from your local craft store inviting them to transfer the gems to the worksheet with appetizer tongs.
  • Set out colored craft pom poms inviting students to use tweezers to transfer them from the bowl to the worksheet.
  • Laminate the worksheet, providing students with colored water and inviting them to use small droppers to squeeze a drip of colored water onto each space.

Of course, there are always graphic art tools to color in the spaces, BINGO daubers, stamps, stickers, M&Ms, and other manipulatives that can be used with this printable!

For the download, be sure to visit Toddler Approved!

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