Summer Memory Boxes

Summer Memory Box Craft for Kids
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As summer vacation fast approaches and excitement blooms, send your kiddos into the warm summer months with a sense of adventure! We found these memory box crafts over at Moms & Munchkins and thought they offered just the ticket! Naturally curious and ready to experience all that summer vacation has to offer - warm days spent splashing around at the local pool or with a sprinkler in the back yard, family movie nights, a trip to the zoo, days spent playing at the park, etc. - encourage your kiddos to keep track of their many adventures by saving an item from each fun activity and keeping it in their memory box to remind them of all the fun they've had over the summer! Who knows, it may just catch on and become a fun thing they'll enjoy doing for years to come!

Before sending the boxes home, your students can add their first important souvenirs - a class photo, a page of classmate autographs, and even awards won at the end of the school year!

For the full memory box tutorial, be sure to visit Moms & Munchkins!