Squeeze Paint - Cross-Curricular Crafting!

Preschool Math and Science Painting Craft
Photo Source: www.playbasedlearning.com.au

What do you get when you mix flour, salt, water, and food coloring? Squeeze paint - and a fantastic opportunity for cross-curricular learning and fun!

Math Component

Invite your kiddos to make their own squeeze paint, following a 'recipe card' to measure out the appropriate ingredients {in the appropriate quantities} and mix them together.

Fine Motor Skill Component

Have your students strengthen hand muscles and hone coordination as they spoon the thick paint mixture into squeeze bottles and later squeeze the mixture out onto their art paper. It may be a bit messy at first, but your students are certain to get the hang of it!

Art Component

Encourage your students to use an assortment of colors, explore different line types and thicknesses, and let the process inspire their creativity! While they may not be 'display case' material, your kiddos will have fun trying new art mediums and techniques!

Science Component

Have students use their five senses to compare the paint mixture before {thick, lumpy, etc.} and after {hard, slight sheen, etc.} it dries.

We found this fantastic activity at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning. While you're there getting the recipe for squeeze paint, be sure to stay awhile. Sherry and Donna have put together many fantastic learning exercises, activities, and crafts for the early childhood classroom!