Spring Literacy Activity - Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Spring and Easter Literacy Preschool Lesson PlanI {Kayla} teach a preschool class at church and, this year, I surprised my kiddos with an indoor Easter egg hunt! As a twist to the original hunt, I created paper Easter eggs to hide instead of plastic eggs and added a reading component, printing a word from our focus verse onto each cutout. I hid the cutouts around the room, inviting my preschoolers to work together to find them and, to ensure they arranged them in the correct order, match them to the appropriate egg card in the pocket chart. When they'd matched all the eggs, we read the verse as a class. 

This activity would also work well with...

  • Upper and lower case letters
  • Colors and color words
  • Objects and beginning letter sounds
  • Rhyming pairs

My kiddos had a blast! It was a fantastic team building exercise {it was super cute to see them helping each other find the egg cutouts!} and it was a fun way to review sight words as well as the verse we had been studying!

[NOTE: Making the egg cutouts was actually quite simple. I used the fantastic background tiles from Enokson's Flickrstream and an egg template I found online. Easy peasy!]

I hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday! Happy learning!