Spring Flower Petal Sun Catchers!

Spring Nature Suncatcher Craft for Kids
Photo Source: msbarbarasblog.blogspot.com

Check out this beautiful spring craft from Barbara over at For the Children. Not only are sun catchers great projects for little crafters - as was demonstrated in this project, the technique of collaging offers a great way to promote early skill sets like fine motor development - we love how the use of natural materials created a science connection and the use of sticky contact paper expanded the craft to include some sensory awareness/development! Not to mention, the finished projects look spectacular on the classroom windows!

Be aware that these sun catchers will not last forever. Just as they do in nature, because the flowers cannot sustain themselves without access to food and water, they will eventually wilt and die. You may wish to enjoy them for a bit in the classroom, but ultimately send them home to be enjoyed by your kiddos and their families! [NOTE: If anyone has any tips for preserving the flowers, we welcome comments/ideas!]

Directions for this fun spring craft can be found over at For the Children!