Splatter Paint Fall Tree Craft


Fall Tree Craft for Kids
Photo Source: kokokokids.ru

Ko-Ko-Ko Kids posted this fabulous fall tree craft and we think your kiddos will have a blast with it! There's just something about using drinking straws in the art station and who doesn't like splatter painting?!

Start with a piece of art paper and black or brown ink. Add several drops of ink to the paper then invite your kiddos to use their drinking straw to blow the ink around, creating a tree trunk and branches. This is a great exercise for strengthening the muscles of the mouth that are important to speech development. After the trunk has dried, provide your students with red, orange, and yellow craft paint and invite them to splatter paint 'fall leaves' onto the trunk. For various splatter painting techniques, visit Mia's Craft Ideas!

We love that each print will be unique and, together, the finished projects will create a fabulous classroom wall decoration for the fall season!

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