Spin-a-Scarecrow Game

Fall Scarecrow Game Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: lets-explore.net

As you get ready for fall, add this fun scarecrow game from Let's Explore to your list of activities! Students will build visual discrimination and strengthen social skills as they play - spinning the spinner, finding the correct template piece, and assembling their scarecrow.

Supplies You'll Need

You'll need to create custom game spinners - do this by dividing a paper plate into the same number of sections as you have scarecrow pieces. Find clip art images to glue to the plate or draw pictures, scripting the object words in the spaces as well {i.e. pants, shirt, hat, etc}. Then create a card stock arrow, attaching it to the plate with a brass fastener for students to flick.

Use your scarecrow template to create cutouts from felt. As they spin the wheel, students are awarded with the piece the spinner lands on - the first build a complete scarecrow from the pieces, wins! This is a fantastic {seasonally appropriate} game that will help your kiddos practice taking turns, matching objects despite size, and brush up on new vocabulary!

Head on over to Let's Explore to see their awesome game {and get a bit of inspiration for your own!}.