Sorting Upper & Lower Case Letters

Literacy Letter Sorting Preschool Lesson Plan

Super easy to make, this DIY upper and lower case letter sorting activity is just what you need to keep your preschoolers on their toes, reviewing what they know about the alphabet. Simply divide a piece of construction paper in half, pick a focus letter, and script its upper case in one column, the lower case in the other. Create both upper and lower case letter cards from scraps of paper and then, placing them face down on a hard surface and mixing them up, invite your kiddos to pick them up one at a time and sort them into the correct column.

For an extra challenge, we created the alphabet cards using word processing software and several different fonts. Even though it's review, students will have to slow down and rely on the visual discrimination skills that have been strengthened throughout the year. Another way to make this activity more challenging is to have students complete several letter mats at a time, mixing all of the letter cards together.