Sorting Snowballs - Winter Activity for Preschool

Preschool Winter Activity - Sorting Snowballs
Photo Source: Learning and Teaching Preschoolers

Tami over at Learning and Teaching Preschoolers featured a sorting activity that would be perfect for heading into winter! Sorting 'snowballs' will provide your kiddos with an opportunity to work on different sizes, as well as fine motor skills if you add a pair of tongs or tweezers to the activity.


3 Jars in Different Sizes

White Pom-Poms in 3 Sizes

Tongs or Tweezers

Labels (Small, Medium and Large)

Have students use tongs to sort the given 'snowballs' into the correct jar. You could also use marshmallows for the snowballs if you prefer and you may want to place all the needed items on a tray to keep the center activity contained!

Super simple to set up and perfect for winter! For additional preschool ideas you'll definitely want to check out Learning and Teaching Preschoolers.