Silly "Wheels On The Bus" Song & Activity

Back To School Phonics Kindergarten Lesson PlanThis activity from Deanna Jump at Mrs. Jump's Class is perfect for the beginning of the school year! With a cute bus theme and the use of a well-known song, your students will have a blast as they build phonemic awareness (working with beginning letter sounds and letter recognition to create new song verses), practice letter formation and printing, decorate their very own school bus, and learn the names of their classmates.

Using the first letter of the name, students complete the following prompt...

The wheels on ___________'s bus go ___umpity, ___ump all through the town!

For example, "The wheels on Bailey's bus go Bumpity, Bump all through the town!", "The wheels on Jesse's bus go Jumpity, Jump all through the town!", or "The wheels on Megan's bus go Mumpity, Mump all through the town!"

After 'composing' their song verses, students can then use construction paper (or other craft materials) to create and decorate a school bus, complete with the first letter of their name. Crafts in hand, gather your students in a circle and sing all of the silly new verses to The Wheels On The Bus!

[NOTE: Mrs. Jump created an adorable bulletin board from her students' crafts!]

Head on over to Mrs. Jump's Class to see the awesome finished projects!