Sight Word Games for Kinders

Sight Word Literacy Learning Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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It's nice to have a list of educational/back-up activities and games on hand for substitute teachers, transitions between activities, the last several minutes of the day, and even for those occasions when you get through an activity or lesson early. First grade teacher, Michelle Oakes, of Fabulous in First, shares some of her students' favorite sight word games that are sure to provide some fun options and inspiration as you set about creating your own list! {Or maybe just update the list you already have!}

What's great about the post is that she includes a printable list of the activities {describing the rules of each game, playing suggestions, etc} so all you have to do is print several copies and place them in their appropriate files or folders {i.e. "Substitute Binder", "Classroom Games & Activities", etc} with a list of focus sight words. To update, simply place a revised or amended word list in the folder after each unit and you'll make certain that your students are getting the proper review while still having lots of fun!

Head on over to Michelle's website to check it out! Your students will be asking to play "The Eraser Game", "Mind Reader", and her other exciting learning games in no time!