Sight Word Fun - Star Swat Game!

Math and Literacy Game Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: | Shannon Hardin

This super fun activity comes from Shannon Hardin, feature contributor at Cheryl Sigmon's fabulous web resource for teachers. While you'll need to set some ground rules, your kiddos are sure to love this wacky learning game!

Supplies You'll Need

Shannon glued the same number of cutouts to each piece of poster board, then laminated both posters. This provides an editable game surface {e.g. you can use dry erase markers to write on the cutouts, erase them all after the game, and add something new for the next activity!} and creates a whole host of opportunities for learning fun!

Here are a few possibilities...

Shannon scripted various focus words onto the stars {in a different location on each game poster}, then divided her kiddos into teams, having them race to find and swat the words as they were called out. You could exchange the sight words for various vocabulary words, calling out a beginning sound and having students swat the matching word. You might also consider calling out a word and having your kiddos swat the word that rhymes with it. Switching gears, for some math practice you might have your kinders practice numeral or number word identification or maybe counting by adding various numbers of dots to each cutout. The possibilities truly are endless! Be sure to visit the full post for poster and game directions!