Sensory Texture Easter Eggs

sensory texture spring easter egg craft
Photo Source: Blog

We found these FANTASTIC sensory texture eggs at Perfect for the early childhood classroom, these fancy crafts are sure to be a big hit in any spring or Easter lesson!

Basic Supplies You'll Need

  • Egg cutout template
  • Foam sheets with adhesive backing {or you could use regular foam sheets or cardboard with glue and paint brushes}
  • Kids craft scissors

Adding texture to your egg... suggests three options - colored cotton balls {they share a tutorial for making your own here}, multicolored buttons of various shapes and sizes, and colorful spiraled chenille stems. You might also consider using:

  • Craft feathers of various colors
  • Colored, scented rice {find a tutorial here from Teach Preschool}
  • Colored uncooked pasta {find a tutorial here from Teaching-Tiny-Tots}
  • Baking sprinkles
  • Colored sand, sugar, or salt {find a tutorial for colored sugar here from TheBakingPan}
  • Colored candies {M&Ms, Skittles, gumdrops, etc.}
  • Colorful crayon shavings
  • Silk flower petals
  • Colorful curled ribbon pieces

The list could go on and on! It might be fun to invite your students to come up with a texture to explore as well... Whatever you use, you're certain to have fun creating these awesome spring eggs! Be sure to check out the original post for directions and pictures! Blog: Texture Easter Eggs Sensory Art!