Scented Salt Dough Treasures for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift and Sensory Craft for Kids
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If you haven't found the perfect project yet, here's another unique craft/gift idea for Mother's Day that would be perfect for crafters of any age - young or old. We love the sensory elements and know your kiddos will like both the feel of the salt dough and the added smell of the essential oils. Additionally, we love how mixing, molding, rolling out, and cutting the dough will strengthen hand muscles and small motor function!

Melissa, activity designer over at Kiwi Crate, provides a great salt dough recipe as well as picture tutorial for creating these little treasures. Sent home in a pretty sachet and placed in a drawer or on a shelf, these scented cutouts are sure to add a lovely fragrance to the house!

For the full project details, be sure to visit Kiwi Crate!