Rainbow Salt Jars

Rainbow Craft for Kids
Photo Source: www.flaxandtwine.com

What a brilliant idea?! Who would have thought that salt could be colored with chalk? Not sure who pioneered that idea, but we do know that this rainbow salt jar project shared by Anne over at Flax & Twine is sure to be a winner with your kiddos! {We especially love, after demonstrating how the process worked, she armed her kiddos with their own supplies and allowed them to do everything independently!}

Supplies You'll Need

  • Glass or plastic jar
  • Salt
  • Colored chalk
  • Printer paper

The results are beautiful! Use them to decorate your classroom or desk, add a color poem and give the jar as a gift, or find another use for these fun projects!

Project extension...

Consider adding the colored salt to a salt shaker, then invite your kiddos to draw on paper with glue and sprinkle the colored salt onto the design!

For the full rainbow salt jar tutorial, be sure to visit Flax & Twine!