Pumpkin Seed Counting Exercise

Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Counting Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: mrsosterman.blogspot.com

Amber Osterman of Kindergarten Rocks! put together this cute math center concept for the fall/Thanksgiving season - and we know your kiddos will love it!

Start by creating ten pumpkin cutouts in different colors {and for visual interest, add in various sizes/shapes as well}. Next, count out and glue a different number of pumpkin seeds to each colored cutout. Last, create a recording sheet, featuring the various pumpkin color options and a box underneath each for students to record their answers.

To complete the center, invite your kiddos to select a colored pumpkin, find the matching pumpkin cutout, count the number of pumpkin seeds on the cutout, and record their answer on the worksheet! This is not only a great exercise for counting - it's a wonderful way to review color!

[Challenge: To further challenge your students, instead of providing colored pumpkins on the worksheet, use black and white clip art with color words. See example recording sheet below.]

Fall and Thanksgiving Counting Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Example recording sheet with color words

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