Print Making with Bubbles!

In most cases, when planning painting activities for preschoolers, bubbles rarely make it onto the supply list. According to Deborah J. Stewart, creator of the blog Teach Preschool, if this is the case, children are missing out on some great projects!

Supplies You'll Need
- Bubbles
- Food coloring or liquid watercolor paint
- Plastic drinking straws
- Bubble wands
- Heavy craft paper

Bubble Prints Option One

For younger children who may not have the coordination or learned the proper technique for blowing bubbles, Steward suggests a teacher-led discovery of bubble prints. Pour bubble solution into shallow bowls and use food coloring or liquid water color to make different shades. With a plastic drinking straw, gently blow into the colored bubble solution creating a heaping pile of bubbles that expands high over the sides of the bowl. When it reaches this point, instruct your students to place their piece of paper over the bubbles and bowl, creating a unique bubble print. Repeat this same process with each different color for fascinating results! Bubble Prints Option Two

For children who have mastered the art of bubble blowing, provide shallow bowls of colored bubble solution and bubble wands inviting them to blow bubbles onto their piece of paper. This technique will also provide great results!

Making bubble prints in preschool

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