Predict, Measure & Pour - Spring Birdseed Math Sensory Tub

Bird Themed Math Sensory Bin and Preschool Lesson Plan
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We love how this sensory bin from Familylicious, while certain to be attractive to and fun for your preschoolers, doubles as an opportunity to promote early math skills! Filled with birdseed, measuring cups, funnels, and empty containers of various sizes, invite your students to select a container and predict how many scoops of birdseed it will take to fill it up. As with any estimation activity, you might consider reviewing what it means to make an appropriate guess - i.e. when working with a 1/2 cup measuring scoop and a mason jar, 10 scoops would be a reasonable guess, while 1 or 100 would be a wild/impractical guess. You'll notice that as they continue moving from container to container, and get comfortable with their chosen measuring tool, their predictions will get better!

For the full activity write-up, be sure to visit Familylicious!