Practicing Letter Formation

Teaching your preschoolers to recognize letters as well as providing them with practice in forming them is a great way to boost future reading success. Here are some great activities that are sure to peak your students' interest - and motivate them to practice!

preschool writing activity
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Window Markers & Picture Frames

We found this great activity at Simple. Messy. Fun! Similar to dry erase board practice {but with 'fancy' new materials!}, all you need is a package of Crayola window markers, several empty picture frames, and supplies for clean-up. Your students will be so focused on trying out the new materials, they'll forget that they're practicing a skill!

preschool writing lesson tracing letters in sand
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Writing in Sand

This activity comes from Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom. Similar to working at the sand and water table, your students will enjoy this non-traditional writing practice. As they push their fingers, pencil, marker, etc. through the sand, they'll build fine motor strength and strengthen writing skills {without even realizing they're working!}. Consider changing out the tray each week or even during the week - using rice, oatmeal, flour, salt, and other materials to keep your students interested in the activity.

preschool writing lesson letter formation in shaving cream
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Shaving Cream Letters

Of course, you can always fall back on this tried and true method of messy letter formation from PreKinders- writing in shaving cream! Spray a little of the magical foam on your students desk or a tray {add a little color if you dare} and let them have at it!

There are infinite possibilities to engaging your preschoolers in the writing process. Just remember to keep it fun, stimulating, and feeling like 'play' rather than practice! Be sure to check out the full activity posts for pictures, ideas, and other early childhood resources!