Popcorn Word Activities

Reading and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: mrsmorrowskindergarteners.blogspot.com

Keeping with yesterday's post, we stumbled across these great popcorn word work centers over at Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten and thought they'd be a great to put in the inspiration folder for next year! With over 20 different activity ideas, we know you'll find something to use! You'll have to visit Mrs. Morrow's blog for the full line-up, but here's a sneak peek at two of our favorite activities...

Popcorn Word Hunt

Filling a simple recycled drink bottle with popcorn kernels and yellow popcorn cutouts printed with various sight words, Mrs. Morrow had her students twist, shake, and roll the bottle to uncover each of the words. To keep track, she provided her kiddos with a recording sheet, inviting them to 'butter' each popcorn word listed {color with a yellow crayon} as they were found. Once each word was colored in, she then invited her students to practice writing them in the provided lines on the recording sheet. Too fun! A scavenger hunt in a bottle!

Spin A Top Sight Word Game

Armed with a baking pan labeled with sight words and a top, Mrs. Morrow had her students take turns spinning a top, identifying the word on which the top landed, and marking the correct focus word on their graphing worksheet. The game is over when one column has been completely filled!

These are two of the 20+ activity ideas Mrs. Morrow shares on her blog - be sure to visit Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten for the rest of her awesome word work centers!