Pirate Themed Games, Math Centers, & More!

Pirate Themed Math and Literacy Preschool Lesson
Photo Source: www.geocities.com/thetoddlerhouse824

September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and we found some super fun activities over at The Toddler House Daycare to add to your lesson plans! From color words and beginning letter sounds to counting and gross motor fun, there's something for everyone! While you'll have to head on over to The Toddler House Daycare for the full unit, here's a sneak peek at a few of our favorite activities...

Musical Islands

{Pictured above} Played like the game, Musical Chairs, Laurie and Andy set hulu hoop "islands" out around the room and played pirate tunes while their students "island hopped". When the music stopped, their students were invited to find the nearest island. Traditional rules would call for one less island than players and for the player who didn't make it to an island to be out of the game. While Laurie and Andy took an island away each time round, all players were allowed to continue on, sharing islands until just one was left. You know your kiddos and can decide how you want to play!

Treasure Chest Counting

Strengthening their kiddos counting and fine motor skills as well as numeral recognition skills, Laurie and Andy provided their students with mini treasure chests labeled with different numerals and a basket of fake gold coins. To complete the activity, students were invited to select a treasure chest, identify the numeral on the lid, work the catch to open the lid, and place the correct number of coins inside. The process was replicated with each chest until all of the gold coins were gone!

For the rest of Laurie and Andy's awesome pirate themed activities, be sure to visit The Toddler House Daycare!