Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Skill Activity

Color Recognition and Fine Motor Skills Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: learningwithbella.blogspot.com

We found this simple fine motor building activity at Learning with Bella and thought it would be a great center activity for your preschoolers! The set-up is simple...

  1. Collect a recycled Pringles chips can or oatmeal container - using colorful patterned scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to cover the outside of the container.
  2. Use a single paper punch to add holes to the lid. [NOTE: Ms. Irwin, the original creator, mentions that the hole punch works, but it goes a little hard. Just an FYI!]

  3. Collect pipe cleaners in assorted colors, using markers to color hole reinforcement stickers to match.
  4. Place the colored reinforcers around the previously punched holes, then invite your kiddos to match and thread the colored pipe cleaners through the appropriate holes!

This is a fantastic way to strengthen/review color recognition and fine motor skills! The best part, the activity remains the size of the oatmeal container or Pringles can since the pipe cleaners can be stored inside!

Be sure to visit Learning with Bella for this and lots of other fun learning activities!