Picture This!

Children have such pure and giving hearts. You usually don’t have to ask twice if they’d like to make something special for mom or dad. And of course, parents cherish the keepsakes created by their children; most have a drawer or tote of cards, drawings, and projects to prove it!

Especially when teaching younger children, important skills and lessons to be learned are often acquired under the guise of fun, hands-on activities. Ask your students to find a picture of themselves with one or both of their parents. If they’re young enough that they’ll need help locating a photograph, charge them with secrecy. If they can keep it, having a fun secret will only increase the anticipation and excitement of both parent and child. There are certainly many ways to make a picture frame. And many different kinds of picture frames at that! The creator of “Mini Cuties” offers a unique perspective of the craft. Students will practice counting as they select the correct number of jumbo Popsicle sticks from the supply table. Fine motor skills will be put to the test as the children line up and glue the craft sticks. Additionally, students will test their dexterity as they glue their picture to backing, secure the backing to the Popsicle stick base, and cut out construction paper shapes for decoration.

Yarn can be attached to the finished product to create a hanging photo, magnetic strips can be fashioned to the back so that it can be mounted on the refrigerator, or, left as is, parents can prop the frame up on an end table or dresser. A craft that is so much fun students won’t know they’re learning!

Mini Cuties: A Simple but very Unique Picture Frame

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