Phonemic Awareness with Word Art

Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love the idea of using word art to help your kiddos review beginning letter sounds, strengthen phonemic awareness, and build vocabulary! {The idea comes from Jenéa Midgett of Seeds of Knowledge for Future Generations.} Here's how it works...

  • Choose a focus letter.
  • Have your kiddos brainstorm a list of words that start with the focus letter.
  • Determine ahead of time a shape/object that goes with the focus letter. As your students list words, use them to construct an outline of the object. Add detailing throughout the process, if needed. {For example, when studying the letter "Ll", Jenéa chose to draw a lamb. She used four of the words to create main part of each leg, but added several lines to make the shape more apparent. She did the same with the lamb's fluffy tail, face, etc.}
  • When the secret shape/object has been completed, have you students guess what it is!

You'll have to practice, but this is a phenomenal way to get you kinders excited about literacy. They'll love solving 'the mystery of the secret shape'!

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