Perfectly "Hatched" Writing Activities for Easter

Spring Easter Chick Kindergarten Writing Center Activity
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When you're switching out your classroom centers for Easter, don't neglect the writing center! We found some fantastic ideas from The K-Crew's spring unit and from Mrs. Beggs' Kindergarten that you don't want to miss!

Journal Prompts

In this two-part prompt from The K-Crew, your kinders will be invited to use their imaginations, learn about empathy, and explore/practice describing emotions. On the first day, have your students begin by drawing an egg with a tiny crack in it. After looking at pictures of animals that hatch from eggs, invite your kiddos to determine what type of animal might be waiting to hatch from their egg {real or imagined!}. Set out markers, crayons, and other graphic art tools with which to decorate the egg {hopefully, the decorating process will inspire imaginative egg inhabitants!}. Below the illustrations, invite your students to think about how an animal trying to hatch might feel and what they might be thinking. Have them write a short response.

On the second day, have your kiddos draw and color the fully hatched animal. Revisit how the animal might have felt before and invite your kinders to brainstorm how they might be feeling/what they might be thinking now! Have them script several sentences in response.

Easter Chick Pop-Up Book

Mrs. Beggs invites her students to strengthen sight word recognition, practice letter formation, and practice reading aloud with her Easter pop-up book activity that follows the story of a hatching chick. For each page, students create {cut out and glue!} illustrations, copy the story text, and, when finished, take turns reading the story to their groupmates. [NOTE: For instructions on creating simple pop-up books, check out this post at eHow.] For directions on setting up this writing center, be sure to visit Mrs. Beggs' full post!