Pasta: An Inexpensive Art Tool

For most teachers, gathering materials for craft time doesn't include a trip to the grocery store. But what many teachers don't realize is that their local market offers some unique inspiration for art projects! Pasta, for example, is relatively inexpensive, provides a variety of shapes to work with, and can be used for two-dimensional or even three-dimensional works of art! Spaghetti, Linguini, Fettucine, etc.

Flat pastas, when dry, offer the chance to work with straight lines, as well as, angles. The differing widths and thicknesses will challenge your students problem solving skills as they craft three-dimensional objects and attempt to plan for weight displacement and overall strength. When cooked, these pastas can be formed into any shape then left to harden.

Wagon Wheels, Farfalle, Fusilli, etc.

The use of shaped pastas is only limited to your imagination. They can be fastened to two-dimensional works of art to form patterns or take the place of other objects (e.g. wheels on cars, hair, etc.), glued together to form three-dimensional objects and villiages, strung together to created colorful jewelry, and so much more!

The next time you visit the grocery store, be on the lookout for inexpensive craft alternatives and, if you can't craft any of your own, be sure to check out Alison Panik's pasta art lesson plans at Lesson Planet!

The Fun Art of Pasta!

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