Paper Towel Masterpieces

A lot of teachers think that craft time has to involve actual art supplies, and because most are mandated to save or use supplies sparingly, craft time in the classroom becomes a luxury for holidays or special occasions. The awesome truth is there are a profusion of projects that make use of inexpensive items from around the house to create fun, colorful crafts your students will love. Deborah, creator of the blog Excellence In Early Childhood Education, offers one such craft using washable markers and sheets of paper towel. To begin, cover student workstations with newspaper or old sheets and provide each child with a paper plate for drying. While they will certainly have time to complete more, have your students begin with a single sheet of paper towel. Inform them that if they wish to keep the integrity of a certain design, object, or word (i.e. their name), you’ll set out a few permanent markers to use, otherwise, have them get to work designing colorful ‘designer towels’ with washable markers.

When your students have had their fill creating their masterpieces, make your way around with a spray bottle filled with water. As a reminder, not much water is needed for the designs to bleed and it takes a little bit for the water to soak into the towel. Have students put their damp designs on their paper plates and set aside on the windowsill or shelf to dry. Bring these out another day for more creativity and fun! Be sure to read Deborah’s entire post for some great ideas! Excellence in Early Childhood Education: Rainbows and other colorful ideas from designer paper towels

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