Paper Plate Umbrellas - Simple Spring Craft for Kids!

Spring Umbrella Kids Craft
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

Looking for a simple craft to complete with your kiddos this spring? Then check out this super cute paper plate umbrella craft featured by Linda on Little Family Fun! What makes this craft so simple is that you most likely have all the supplies you will need already on hand. So, let's get started!

Paper Plate Umbrellas

Supplies Needed:

Paper plates

Black construction paper




Paper hole punch {optional}

Yarn {optional}

Start the umbrellas for your kiddos by cutting a paper plate in half using a zigzag / wavy line (to resemble the bottom of an actual umbrella). Provide each student with a half. Students can then color their umbrellas however they choose.

Once they are finished coloring, provide each student with a black piece of construction paper and a handle template for tracing and cutting out the handle (if your kiddos are really young, you may want to have this part already done for them). Then they can glue the handle to the bottom of the plate. Voila! A super cute, and super simple, craft for Spring!

{optional} Punch a hole in the top of each plate and string a piece of yarn through for hanging the umbrellas as decoration.

Simple Spring Umbrella Kids Craft
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

When your umbrella crafts are complete, stop by Little Family Fun for additional Springtime ideas!