Painting with Peanuts!

Black History Month and American Inventors Kids Craft
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If your plans for Black History Month {or National Inventors Month!} include learning about George Washington Carver and his many contributions to agriculture and botany, we highly recommend checking out these peanut painting projects!

Sherry of Nurture Creek and her son explored using real peanuts to create prints. Similar to marble painting, they placed a sheet of paper in the bottom of a box, added drops of paint to the paper, then placed peanuts in the box and rolled them around. A fun, hands-on discovery of peanuts!

If you're worried about allergies, you might invite your kiddos to try their hand at packing peanut painting instead! Knowing we should include an alternative, we found this fun project {pictured above} over at Let the Children Play and thought Jenny's presentation of the activity was super inviting. A fun alternative to peanut painting!

Be sure to visit both of these blogs for project details! We love that they'll provide your kiddos with an opportunity to explore unique art mediums, as well as help them connect with the lesson on George Washington Carver!