Painting with Credit Cards

Elementary Art for Kids
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Here's an excellent way to reuse recycled cereal boxes, create vibrant prints, and find a purpose for old rewards cards, used gift cards, hotel keys, etc! Tammy, creator of Housing A Forest, and her creative kiddos show you how the process works. First, though, you'll need a few things...

Supplies You'll Need

  • Recycled cereal boxes (or cracker boxes, pizza cartons, etc.)
  • Recycled "credit" cards
  • Craft paint in assorted colors

After priming the cereal boxes with white paint (and letting them dry, of course!), set your kiddos to work scraping and dragging paint along their recycled "canvases". This type of project allows lots of layers and depths so remind your little creators to keep swirling and mixing for some fun results!

Display the finished product, as is, or use it for something fun...

  • Cut them into business card size "trading prints" for students to share and collect.
  • Use them to create homemade bulletin board letters and borders!
  • Cut a 3" x 3" square from each child's project, "quilting" them together with yarn to create a giant classroom patchwork quilt.

The possibilities are endless! Head on over to Housing A Forest to see what other art materials Tammy and her kiddos explored as they painted with credit cards!