Organization Tips for the Preschool Classroom

Organization is key to the success of every classroom. Deborah J. Stewart, early childhood education professional and creator of the blog Teach Preschool, offers several tips to help new and seasoned preschool teachers make the school year run more smoothly.

Supplies You'll Need
- Colorful plastic baskets or tubs
- Pocket file folders
- Labels

To organize daily lesson plan materials, Deborah suggests creating a labeled pocket file folder for each day of the week, filling each respective pocket with the children's books, games, craft projects, songs, etc. that you plan to use that day. Placed in a plastic basket or tub these pocket file folders keep lesson materials easily accessible and allow you to focus on presenting the lessons in new and exciting ways. Note: If all your daily lesson materials and supplies do not fit within the folder pocket, use the files as dividers, placing the supply "overflow" between them in the basket. Along with preplanned lessons, most preschool classrooms have unscripted moments used for free play and individual exploration. Stewart recommends making the most of these times by organizing irresistible activity boxes and play spaces. Entice your preschoolers by placing colorful plastic baskets or tubs filled with interesting objects throughout the classroom for them to explore at their leisure.

Be sure to explore the rest of Stewart's site for other exciting ideas for your preschool classroom!

Organizing your daily lesson plan materials