Ocean Math Centers

Spring and Summer Ocean Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: skellyskindergarten.blogspot.com

Have an ocean unit coming up? Check out these adorable math center activities from Stephanie over at Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten! They incorporate various ocean elements {fish, seashells, and more!} and will have your kinders practicing important math skills - addition, subtraction, and skip counting, to name a few! You'll have to visit Stephanie's blog for the full overview, but here's a sneak peek at two of our favorite activities... 

Measuring the Area & Perimeter of a Fish

Armed with fishy worksheets and glass pebbles {or fish 'bubbles'!}, students worked to find both the perimeter and area of the fish shape on their printable. How clever is that?! What a wonderful way to teach the concepts! Students, of course, recorded their findings on the worksheet.

Octopus Number Words

{Pictured above} To help students review number words and practice counting, Stephanie provided her kiddos with an octopus cutout and colorful Fruit Loops. She then invited her students to identify the number word on each leg of the octopus and glue the appropriate number of cereal pieces - or 'suction cups' - to it. The finished product is cute enough to display!

For these and lots of other cute ocean theme math center ideas, be sure to visit Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten!