Nonstandard Measurement Activities!

Activities for Nonstandard Measurement
Photo Source: Crazy for First Grade

This engaging measurement activity comes to you courtesy of Anna over at Crazy for First Grade! Your kiddos can use anything from counters, to blocks, to cubes, to craft sticks as their unit of measure (let them be creative in their choices). Then pick several items for them to measure! Anna's class worked on a popcorn container, a keyboard and a desk.

Keyboard Nonstandard Measurement Activity
Photo Source: Crazy for First Grade

Anna even provides the printable worksheet for recording as a FREEbie on her blog.

Worksheet for Nonstandard Measurement Activities
Photo Source: Crazy for First Grade

And added bonus - you'll also find a cute "Measure a Friend" activity to coordinate with the lesson. Be sure to head over to Crazy for First Grade to check it out!