Money Monsters - Halloween Coin Sorting Game!

Halloween Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Check out this adorable game we found at Katherine Marie Photography! With its monster theme, this would make a great addition to your Halloween math center or might even double as a game for your classroom party!!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Scrapbook paper in assorted colors/patterns
  • Recycled paint chips
  • Recycled juice boxes
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Regular craft scissors and design scissors
  • Coins

Cut a small rectangle in the side of each emptied juice box and wash thoroughly. Use the collected scrapbook paper, recycled paint chips, and wiggle eyes to create juice box "monsters" - gluing a different coin to the top of each. With a cup of assorted coins in hand, invite your kiddos to "feed" the monsters by sorting the coins into the proper juice box. The activity is quite simple, but the repetition will help them learn to distinguish the coins from each other.

You might also consider...

  • Having students sort slips of paper containing simple addition and subtraction problems that equal the value of each coin {i.e. "8 - 3 = ?" would be sorted into the nickel monster}.
  • Inviting students to practice skip counting by providing number tiles for them to sort
    • "1, 2, 3...10" would be sorted into the penny monster
    • "5, 10, 15...50" would be sorted into the nickel monster
    • "10, 20, 30...100" would be sorted into the dime monster
    • Et cetera

For other fabulous monster themed activities, be sure to visit Katherine Marie Photography!!

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