MLK Day Man of Peace Wreath Craft and FREEbies

MLK Wreath Craft for Kids
Photo Soure: Color Me Kinder

It's hard to believe the holidays have come and gone and we are already looking toward celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day! If you're short on ideas, Mrs. M over at Color Me Kinder has you covered! She has several printable freebies, as well as a few craft ideas you should definitely check out.

"We're All in this Together" Peace Wreath

Using multicultural construction paper (or brown and tan), have each student trace his or her hand using a pencil. Then have students cut out their handprints. Once everyone is finished, have students take turns gluing their handprint to the class wreath.

Finish the class wreath off by adding a bow to the bottom and a picture of Martin Luther King to the middle! Also, if you're planning on displaying your creation on a classroom wall or door, you may want to print out "We're All in this Together" to place above the wreath.

MLK Freebies

  • Peace Sign T-Shirt: Mrs. M provided an excellent free printable for this activity. Simply print the T-Shirt printable onto white cardstock and have your kiddos draw on their own peace signs.
  • "What Does Peace Mean to Me" Writing Activity: For older students, print out the provided free worksheet and have them take some time to write about what peace means to them using the provided prompt. As an extension, you could hang their completed worksheets around your Peace Wreath for your MLK Day celebration!