Messy FUN! - Creating Miniature Snap Paintings

Summer Snap Painting Kids Craft
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We're constantly amazed at {and usually can't wait to try out!} all the messy, unique projects from Donna and Sherry over at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning! They've put together another wonderful activity that will have your kiddos exploring different colors, unique art mediums, and honing fine motor skills along the way - mini snap paintings!

Supplies You'll Need

After collecting the materials, be sure to head on over to Irresistible Ideas for directions, pictures, etc. on how to set up these mini snap painting stations and using them to paint, then try some of the following...

  • Choose several rubber bands of different widths. Observe and compare the splatter results.
  • Find several rubber bands of different lengths/elasticity. Observe and compare the splatter results of a tight rubber band to those of a loose rubber band.
  • Place rubber bands at different intervals on the box. Observe and compare the splatter results when rubber bands are placed close together, far apart, etc.
  • See who can make the biggest splatter. The smallest.
  • Have students decorate one end of the paper with warm colors and the other end with cool colors.
  • Invite students to experiment with color mixing, splatter painting two primary colors right next to each other to see what color emerges {if any!}.

However you decide to incorporate these mini snap painting stations, your kiddos are sure to get into this messy activity! ...And don't miss out on Sherry and Donna's large snap painting activity while you're there! Another afternoon, another great project - and perfect for comparing and contrasting!