Measurement Unit from Kindergarten...Kindergarten!

Measurement and Journaling Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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So, as a kindergarten teacher {or the parent of a kindergartner}, if you haven't visited Kindergarten...Kindergarten! - you'll definitely need to remedy that! Kathryn shares an amazing amount of resources and lesson ideas that are simply phenomenal, and we're certain that you'll be inspired as you read through her posts!

For example, check out the beginning of her amazing measurement unit! Not only does Kathryn provide a plethora of learning activity ideas and math journal prompts, we love that she also provides an in-depth look at how she presents the activities to her kiddos as well as pictures of both the activities and journals! She's so thorough and the hands-on learning looks like such fun.

Our favorite activity would probably be the name length comparison, but seriously, who could choose? They all look fantastic. So far, Kathryn has only posted about the 'length' section of her measurement unit, but has plans to post several more times with surface area, weight and capacity lesson ideas.

You don't want to miss out! Be sure to visit Kindergarten...Kindergarten for this fabulous unit!