Me on the Map - Social Studies Unit

Geography and Maps Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love this book that early childhood educator, Jessica Meacham, has her kiddos put together during their geography unit. Comprised of eleven different maps, ranging from a hand drawn picture of each child to a replica of the solar system, students learn where they fit in the world!

Not only does this unit/unit project offer a great way to learn important geography terms {i.e. town/city, county, state, country, continent, planet, etc.}, students will also learn to distinguish between land and water masses on a map or globe, learn about map keys and symbols, explore direction using a compass, sharpen writing skills, and much more!

Be sure to visit Mrs. Meacham's Classroom for the lesson plan download, book list, list of extra unit resources, and fabulous pictures of one of her student's completed projects ~ then get to planning your own "Me on the Map" unit!