Me On The Map II - Social Studies Unit

Social Studies Maps Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We found this fabulous social studies map craft at Counting Coconuts {Mari-Ann attributes the original idea to Mrs. Bates of Finally in First!} and think it would make the perfect addition to our earlier lesson post - Me On The Map!

A great way to visually reinforce mapping concepts, students start by creating a 'map' of the Earth on a large circle cutout. Then, on circles that get smaller as you go along, students create maps of their - continent, country, state, county, city/town, street, and house or school. We love how Mari-Ann included fun exercises/craft materials along the way to add a bit more excitement to the project.

  • On their map of the Earth, Mari-Ann provided her son with some spelling and fine motor practice by having him spell out "Earth" using sticker letters.
  • In creating the continent, she printed out a template and had her son pin punch a cutout from craft foam. This is great for fine motor building!
  • She provided patterned scrapbook paper for fun backgrounds and visual interest.
  • On the state page, they included a replica of their state flag {mounted on a toothpick}, as well as the state flower and bird.
  • Mari-Ann added a picture of her son to the final page, adding a bit of personalization and fun!

Head on over to Counting Coconuts to see the finished product of each page and read how they approached each part of the project!