Mardi Gras Sensory Tub

We haven't posted about sensory tubs for a while and, running across these fabulous Mardi Gras themed bins from Cara at The Picky Apple and Cara at Peanuts Are Evil, thought we'd pass them along in the event that you were looking for a new and exciting twist for your sensory table! {On a side note, it seems that there are lots of uber crafty Caras out there in the world! I had to check and double check that I wasn't seeing things while crediting these incredible bins!}

Mardi Gras and February Sensory Tub Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo ©2011 The Picky Apple

First to bat is Cara over at The Picky Apple. With colored rice for the base and a mixture of feathers, shiny beads/ornaments, Mardi Gras necklaces, and dress up pieces (i.e. masks and a crown), your kiddos are sure to have a blast!

February Mardi Gras Sensory Bin Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo ©2011 Cara Jouglard, Peanuts Are Evil

Up next is Cara from Peanuts Are Evil. She used a base of paper confetti pieces then added lots of Mardi Gras inspired items to explore - bead necklaces, doubloons, feathers, and plastic fleur de lis. It looks like tons of fun!

We love that these sensory bins reflect the culture and 'flavor' of Louisiana - and we know your preschoolers will have a blast learning as they play!