Maps in Kindergarten: Creative Writing & Mapmaking

Pat Hutchins' Rosie's Walk provides a great introduction to maps in your kindergarten classroom. It also inspires several wonderful projects to help strengthen your students' creative writing, sequencing, and mapmaking skills.

Creative Writing & Mapmaking As A Class

Invite your students to create a story together. Provide them with two settings - the playground or the park - and have them vote on which adventure they would like to go on. Armed with a camera (to take pictures of your students acting out each phrase), head outside and "write" a new story: park and playground story examples After reviewing the story, have students create a story map. With a piece of card stock and graphic art tools or construction paper cutouts, invite students to design a map of the playground or park, including the important story landmarks. Have them trace a path through the map, denoting the order in which each place was visited. Individual Creative Writing & Mapmaking

In a manner similar to Hutchins' book, have students (with the help of an adult) detail their morning route to school. example individual writing project Also have them create a story map like the example below. story map including a bus house pothole railroad crossing sign bridge library and school house Your students will have a blast as they brush up on their writing, sequencing, and mapmaking skills!