Making Reading Fun - Word Play!

Reading Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We agree wholeheartedly with Carisa of 1+1+1=1, "learning to read doesn’t always involve a book or a piece of paper"! If you're looking for hands-on word play activities Carisa offers a fantastic list of ideas {that she continues to add to!} to help foster in your kinders a love of learning and reading! You'll have to visit her blog for the full post, but we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorites!

Writing with Manipulatives. A perfect 'quiet' afternoon activity, this exercise focuses on fine motor skills as well as sight word review. After calling out a word or rolling a sight word die, invite your kiddos to write the word with small manipulatives {beads, mini erasers, floral beads/jewels...the possibilities are endless!}.

Throw & Read. Strengthening gross motor skills and sight word recognition, this activity works great as an outdoor learning activity or on a rainy afternoon when your kiddos have the wiggles. On their turn, students attempt to catch then quickly drop the sight word die, calling out the word it lands on. Consider having students stand in a circle tossing the die around/across until each child has had a turn.

Be sure to check out the rest of Carisa's activities and the links to other website/blog ideas at the bottom of the post. While books, worksheets, and pencils have their place, your kiddos are sure to enjoy these fun reading exercises!