"Look, Think, & Write" Literacy Center

Literacy and Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.elementary-teacher-resources.com

Looking for a way to spice up your writing centers and coax your 'shy' writers out of their shell? Try this anonymous "Look, Think, and Write" literacy center idea from Kelly Mikesell at Elementary-Teacher-Resources.com. The concept is simple...

Print and attach an interesting picture to a piece of poster or tag board. The picture can be of anything - an animal, a person, candids of students at work, an event held at the school {i.e. a football game, field day, school carnival, etc.}, a picture from a field trip, a funny cartoon, a photo from your vacation, etc. As students visit the center throughout the day, invite them to look at the picture, think about it, and write a short blurb on the board.

Other things to include in the center...

  • Colorful markers, pens, or other special/graphic art tools
  • A list of focus sight words and new vocabulary words to use as a guide
  • Have students bring their personal desk dictionaries that include the words learned throughout the school year

As Kelly says, since their name isn't on it and their isn't fear of "grading", students may find it easier to simply write.

For this and other fantastic ideas, be sure to head on over to Elementary-Teacher-Resources.com. Kelly even has a free teaching newsletter where you can have ideas sent straight to your inbox! Check it out!