Literacy Center Activities: Bottle 'O Words

Literacy and Printing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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This awesome literacy center activity comes from Heidi Samuelson at Swamp Frog First Graders.

Supplies You'll Need

Ms. Samuelson scripted various focus words onto the miniature foam blocks, then placed all of the blocks and the Magic Nuudles into the recycled water bottle. The aim of the activity, students shake the bottle and scout for words, recording each unique word on their worksheet or journal page when found.

For younger learners, consider creating a recording sheet like the one below where the words are presented in list form, ready to check off, with spaces for both tracing and writing the focus words.

Literacy and Printing Practice Kindergarten Lesson Plan

This creates a more guided exercise, allowing students to know what they're looking for, and works well for younger learners.

For the full post and pictures of Ms. Samuelson's Bottle 'O Words journal, head on over to Swamp Frog First Graders!