Learning About Weather Through Pretend Play

photo © 2010 Ged Carroll | more info (via: Wylio)

Allie Magnuson, Scholastic's Classroom Solutions blogger for the preschool and kindergarten classroom, has put together a phenomenal article on incorporating weather into your pretend play corner! The fantastic thing about this combination is that the activities derived from it are cross-curricular, extending into every subject, and Allie's suggestions are all unique and engaging - some require technology, some require homemade tools, and others require a showcase of your kiddos sparkling {and creative!} personalities! Here are a few of our favorite ideas...

Weather Word Write-Up. In their own unique style, have students use weather word cards and symbols to make forecasts. Armed with a seven-day forecast chart, a map of the United States, and a hand-held microphone, your kiddos will have a blast reporting that today is warm and sunny with a high of 78 degrees. This is a fabulous way for students to review and use new vocabulary words, practice communication skills, make connections between weather patterns in different parts of the country, and learn how to work with peer collaborators.

Tracking Thunderstorms. What kindergartner would pass up the chance to make noise in the classroom? Allie suggests inviting you kiddos work together to simulate and track a thunderstorm. This activity is fantastic for team building, learning to take accurate measurements, practicing converting data into comparable units, and all around fun!

Find more great ideas, pictures, and suggestions for incorporating weather in the pretend play corner at Allie's blog! She's thought of everything from simple weather measuring gadgets {i.e. rain gauges, thermometers, sun clocks, and the like} to tornadoes and volcanoes!

Literacy in Kindergarten Dramatic Play Centers, Pt. 4: Weather Station