Learning About Abraham Lincoln

If you're planning to include a discovery of Abraham Lincoln in your President's Day lesson plans, check out these great resources that we found at our favorite blog haunts... Children's Books About Abraham Lincoln and Kindergarten Lesson Plan Story Time. Children's books, both fictional and biographical, offer a great way to introduce our sixteenth president to your kinders! Check your local/school library for one {or more!} of these great titles to explore during story time;

  • The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Patricia A. Pingry
  • A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David A. Adler
  • Who Was Abraham Lincoln? by Janet Pasca
  • Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books by Kay Winters
  • Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers by Karen B. Winnick
  • Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman
  • Meet Abraham Lincoln by Barbara Cary
Abraham Lincoln Social Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: littlewondersdays.blogspot.com

Timeline Activities. Once your kinders have been introduced to this important historical figure, creating a timeline of Lincoln's life offers a great way to organize and document your student's learning. Kelly over at Little Wonder's Days and Jamie of The Unlikely Homeschool share how they tackled this important project. Whether you do this as a class, in small groups, or as individuals - this activity is phenomenal for reviewing what's been presented/learned!

Abraham Lincoln Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: daniellesplace.com

Writing Craftivities. Lincoln was an impressive man, both in stature and character. A model of honesty, hard work, and compassion, he is a man to be admired. We love these writing craftivities that we found over at Danielle's Place; "Following in Abraham Lincoln's Footsteps" and "Hats Off To Abraham Lincoln"! They offer a great way to wrap-up the lesson as, in order to write/dictate why they admire Abe or how they'd like to be like him, your students will have to remember what they've learned about Lincoln and make character connections.

We hope you have fun learning about Abraham Lincoln! For all of these great President's Day resources, be sure to follow the links to the full lesson posts!