Kid Coins - Designing New Coins for President's Day!

President's Day Social Studies Craft and Preschool Lesson Plan
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We were inspired by this fun activity from Ellen over at Alphamom and thought we'd pass it along for President's Day this coming Monday. Not only will your kiddos have a fun time taking a closer look at current U.S. coins, they're sure to have a blast designing a coin that features their own face!

Examining Current U.S. Coins

Set out coin samples on trays in your science center and provide your preschoolers with magnifying glasses - inviting them to take a closer look at each coin. Discuss as a class the similarities and differences between each coins, considering everything from type of metal and slogan to the famous face featured and value.

President's Day Social Studies Preschool Printable and Preschool Lesson Plan
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Kid Coins

After examining the current coins in circulation, invite your kiddos to make their own currency. Use the fun {FREE} worksheet provided by Preschool Printables to design a coin that features their own face. {Isn't the authentic U.S. Treasury seal fun?! We thought it was a cool twist to have your kiddos create coins for the new currency collection, the "KIDS COIN$" Collection.

As they create, invite students to think about...

  • What metal/color their coin would be
  • How much their coin is worth
  • What size their coin would be/how its size would compare to current currency
  • What symbols they would include on their coin and why

[Click here to get the worksheet!]

To see how Ellen and her kiddos completed this exercise and created actual coins from their designs, be sure to visit Alphamom - the three-dimensional coin is sure to be a great reminder and keepsake for your students!